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Promescent® Delay Spray helps you last longer in bed so that you can enjoy more intimate and longer-lasting sex. An on-demand solution for all guys that helps to close the orgasm gap and allows her to experience the ‘ooohh, aaahh’ more often!

Maximized sensation.

How many opportunities do you have to impress your partner in bed? With Promescent® Delay Spray you can increase your bedroom skills and reduce sexual performance anxiety. Whether with a new partner or a long-time lover, using Promescent® will raise the bar for what’s considered good sex.

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How To Apply

1. Shake gently

Before each use, shake your Promescent bottle gently.

2. Apply and rub in

Most men start with 3 sprays. Hold the nozzle close to your penis and spray on the most sensitive parts, the frenulum and underside of the shaft.

3. Wait 10 minutes

Allow Promescent to absorb fully to get maximum climax control and prevent transference to your partner.

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Frequently asked questions

Applying Promescent Delay Spray is quick and easy – in fact over 95% of our users agree that application is simple and does not interfere with the overall sexual experience. 

Step 1: Shake the bottle gently before each use.

Step 2: Apply 3-10 sprays to the most sensitive parts of the penis. This consists of the frenulum, as well as the underside of the glans (head) and shaft of the penis.

Step 3: Wait 5-15 minutes or until the treated area has dried completely. 

That’s it! It’s really that simple. 

Tip #1: Try different amounts of spray until you find what works for you. Some of our users only need 1-2 sprays to get the job done, while others need upwards of 6-8 sprays. 

Tip #2: Hold the bottle at a 90-degree angle when priming the bottle and spraying on the penis. 

Tip #3: Don’t forget to remove the small white break tab when you get your new bottle of Promescent. 

Tip #4: If you know intercourse is going to happen within the hour, but don’t want to apply just before hand, you can apply a few extra sprays so that it will last longer. Promescent can last up to an hour depending on dosage.

Check out this 2-minute video for in-depth training on how to apply Promescent.

Absolutely. All items are shipped in a discreet manner and will arrive in a nondescript package without mention of the product’s name or our company anywhere on the packaging.

You can apply Promescent Delay Spray with or without an erection. It is up to you when and where to apply it, but you may notice more targeted coverage if you can apply exactly where you need it, so we’ll leave that up to you. You’ll know exactly where you’re spraying if you’re already stiff, though.

Yes, and we recommend it! Personal lubricants add comfort, reduce friction and enhance the overall experience during intercourse. Apply Promescent Delay Spray and allow 5-10 minutes for the solution to dry and absorb before applying lubricant.

US Shipments: You can get it as soon as next day. Free shipping is sent USPS first-class mail and generally arrives within 3-5 business days. Shipping times vary by service and region and can take between 1-5 days.

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Rest of World: All items are shipped via FedEx International Express (customs and duties paid by Promescent) and arrive in 2-4 days depending on region. In some cases it can take longer to arrive if there are customs inspections or you are in a remote region.

FedEx International Express (2-4 days): $9.95 – $14.95 (varies by region)

*Shipping days are Monday through Friday (PST). If an order is placed on Saturday or Sunday it will ship on Monday. Orders placed before 1 pm PST will ship same day.

Yes. If you know oral sex may be in the lineup (lucky you), apply first, rub it in, wait 10 minutes, and then make sure you give it a good wipe with a damp towel. It’s fully absorbed by then, so it’ll still work just fine.

Promescent delay spray can last up to an hour depending on your dosage.

All items shipped have at least 1-year till expiration. In fact, most of the time you will get bottles that have 2-years or more.

Clinical Studies

Clinical Results: Promescent® Delay Spray is proven to help you last longer in the bedroom. Use an FDA Compliant treatment option that works.

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